Top Ten Reasons to Vote in the Primary on June 12, 2012 For Jerry Sakura U.S. Congress, District 3, Nevada (Henderson, Laughlin, Boulder City and Las Vegas South of Russell).


#10. I will not be a bought puppet for Lobbyists.

.#9. I promise to represent only the 99% (the 1% take care of themselves: Sheldon Adelson, Paris Hilton, even Michael Jordon and Rush Limbaugh.)

   #8. Privatize Morgan Stanley and AIG.

   #7. Never Privatize Social Security.

    #6. Keep Gov’t out of my Bedroom.

    #5. Really Punish Economic White Collar Crime with the threat of going to the State Pen (with “Bubba” as a cell mate vs. the country club Fed “prison.”)

#4. Stomp out Medicare Fraud including the threat of spending jail time with “Bubba”.

#3. Punish DUI’s hard: “One and Done”

#2. Decriminalize Marijuana (at first for seniors as a safe trial)But the #1 reason to vote for Jerry Sakura…

#1. I have lived the American dream. At 72 and after a successful career as an international business executive, I feel I have the life experience, wisdom and no-strings-attached freedom to serve all Americans to save all of our grandchildren’s future, exept the 1%.